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My coaching story

Mark Neuterman - The Real Estate Referral

Known for being the only Compass Coach to formerly be a top Compass luxury agent, Sales Manager, and Director of Management Strategy for Compass CA & HI – Mark coaches through firsthand experience with over two decades of high-level sales experience in residential, commercial, investment, and development with over $4.5B in transaction volume sold, coached, and managed.

His powerful yet easy-to-understand coaching has kept his 1:1 coaching waitlisted for over a year while he continues building programs to teach Compass agents to engage with their own realities

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My coaching story

Hi, I’m Mark! You have probably heard my name at some point at Compass with the different positions I‘ve held (more on all of that below)! That is what makes coaching Compass agents so fun – I understand you completely because I have been in your shoes and in the shoes of those around you!

My coaching is based on what has worked for me, my agents, and my clients over the last 20+ years in conjunction with my experience across various industries.

My Background with Compass:

  • High-level sales for over 20 years, entered the San Francisco market with zero contacts and did $23M in sales my first year.
  • Joined Compass San Francisco in 2017 as a top luxury agent..
  • Asked to be the Sales Manager for Compass South Bay Los Angeles (Torrance), where we went from $300M to $2B in annual sales in 24 months and became the #1 Compass office in the nation.

My goal is simple – get you actual results by focusing on the right things:

  • Doing the things you like to do, that you are naturally good at, and how to be consistent with them.
  • Being the expert so those around you know/treat you like the best (because you are).
  • Focusing on Revenue-Generating Activities every day, even if you do one thing a day.
  • Using the Minimum Effective Dose to keep you succeeding at all times.
  • Building a business focused on E.L.F. clients (easy, lucrative, fun).
  • Constantly connecting with others, whether or not you are in a transaction.
  • Increasing your price point at all times.
  • Tracking your wins & losses to leverage the Compound Effect..
  • Staying in front of those that matter.
  • Protecting your confidence. 

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My coaching story