90 Days to Momentum

$750 for 90 Day Program

Start Date: April 3rd, 2023

Program Outline:

Week 1: Mindset Vs Skill Set, Themes of Empowerment

Week 2: Database Management, Convenient Assumptions

Week 3: Lead Gen Practices, Mindset Integration

Week 4: Business Planning, Values and Unique Value Proposition

Week 5: Branding, Create your Realtor Avatar

Week 6: Open House, SMART goal

Week 7: Buyer Consultation, Self Integration

Week 8: Door-knocking, Rapport

Week 9: Listing Presentation and Pre Listing Package, Boundaries

Week 10: Buyer Inspection and negotiation of repairs, Reframing

Week 11: Objection Handling, Hierarchy of Ideas

Week 12: Code of Ethics, Communication Skills Integration


Questions: admin@realmomentum.com