Elite Team Management (Interactive Video Series)


Format: 10-Hours of On-Demand Interactive Videos

Many top producers never imagine the challenges presented to them when they start a team. Interviewing, hiring, and training. Managing personalities, egos, and expectations. Logistics, finances, support, and mentoring. Conflict resolution, brand continuity, how to structure team splits, and worries about retention. That’s before any potential liability issues. They get so bogged down that soon they may find themselves growing more frustrated and actually making less.

Operating a successful team means you are the owner, not the operator. It requires immense leadership, and leadership is a skill that requires detachment, insight, practice, and patience. 

This 10-hour video series is designed for current team leaders or those who want to build a team correctly. Mark will share the same lessons, experience, and exercises he has used at the highest levels including CEOs, executives, Compass leadership, and Compass top-producing teams. You will cover both fundamentals and advanced strategies on how to create an efficient, collaborative, productive team that serves your overall strategy and consistently produces additional revenue. 


  • Inclusion to Compass Winner Circle Community
  • Free Resources
  • Interactive Business Mapping Calculator
Video Release Dates
Video 1: Feb 23
Video 2: Mar 2
Video 3: Mar 9
Video 4: Mar 16
Video 5: Mar 23
Video 6: Mar 30
Video 7: April 6
Video 8: April 13
Video 9: April 20
Video 10: April 27
*Full 10-Hour On-Demand Video Series Available After April 27th, 2023*

Pricing: $3,495, one time payment 

Questions?: support@markneuterman.com

Additional Information

  • Pay with Marketing Budget! – if you have Marketing Budget, you can use it to register for this program. Simply checkout with a credit card, then submit your receipt to the Marketing Reimbursements form on Knack. If you have any questions, email us at marketplace@compass.com