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Momentum Mondays


When is Momentum Mondays?

Every Monday for 30 minutes at 3pm ET / 12pm PT
MOMENTum Mondays recordings  – HERE

Compass CORE



Q: What is Compass CORE?

A: Compass CORE is an immersive multi-week in-house coaching program that will explore foundational components of real estate, best practices from top Compass agents nationwide, and proven methods that utilize the Compass tools to achieve the highest ROI.

Q: Who should participate?

A: All agents, team members, administrators, operators, and support staff who want to take their business practices to the next level can benefit from participating and are welcome to attend!


Content and Takeaways

Virtual Assistants

Does your agent want to use a Virtual Assistant?

If you have an agent who is interested in using a VA, simply have them email us at coaching@compass.com. We will hook it up.

How to Onboard a Virtual Assistant?

The process for an agent to onboard a Virtual Assistant is identical to onboarding a 3rd-party Transaction Coordinator (TC). Here’s the step-by-step:

  • Step 1: Agent hires their VA
  • Step 2: 
    • If net new VA (not working with any other Compass Principal) Principal fills out New Team Member form
    • If VA is already working with another Principal, the Sales Manager submits in Salesforce (SM guide linked here)
  • Step 3: VA signs ICA (where applicable)
  • Step 4: National Onboarding sends VA through UTM Self-Guided Onboarding
  • Step 5: Principal gets billed by the VA and submits their invoice HERE to be reimbursed with Coaching Incentives (aka 10×10 dollars)



Impact Days (Archive)

Employee Resources

CMA a Day (Archive)

Employee Resources

What is the CMA a Day Challenge?

Are you confused by the real estate market right now? Looking for clarity on how to navigate client communications? Compass has just the right challenge for navigating this tumultuous market: the CMA a Day Challenge.

This challenge consists of one small action each day — to connect to one person in your SOI, preferably a past client if possible with an item of value and your advisor explanation about what is actually happening in the market and with their property.

For 10 days you will receive one video each day from Skye Michiels, Head of Agent Development, acting as your accountability partner to remind you about your One CMA a Day commitment, provide you with a best practice or idea and give you the support you deserve.

By signing up below you are opting into this challenge and you will receive all of the emails and instructions associated with it.

What are the Steps I take every day?
Step 1 – Pick one past client or person from your SOI
Step 2 – Update the contact info in the CRM
Step 3 – Create Market Snapshot (CMA Tool)
Step 4 – Draft and Send Email Template* with your CMA
Step 5 – Submit your Accountability

*E-mail templates will be provided throughout the 2-week challenge


10×10 Challenge (Archive)