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In-Person Coaching Events

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Request a Marketplace Coach for your Sales Meeting

If you’d like to invite a Compass-certified Marketplace Coach to speak at your Sales Meeting please request them below. The form takes 3 minutes and the coaches offer a variety of turnkey topics.

How it works?

  1. You request a coach by providing your desired dates & times
  2. The coach will be emailed with your request and you’ll automatically be introduced via email
  3. You confirm details (be sure to invite them to your sales meeting!)
  4. They show up and crush it

What expectations have been set with coaches?

  1. They will have the floor for 15-20 minutes, and focus on value-add content
  2. By default, all appearances are virtual
  3. While this is a promotional opportunity for these coaches, we’ve informed them that these appearances cannot be a 20-minute sales pitch.

Questions? Email  

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