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Kevin Sneddon

Kevin Sneddon is the Founder of the Private Client Network at Compass, the premiere top broker network in the industry ( The Private Client Network has partners in 75 luxury real estate markets nationwide, who collectively sell over $6B in luxury real estate each year – and share hundreds of clients in the process. The Kevin Sneddon | Private Client Team sells $100MM+ annually, and Kevin has sold over $1.5 billion in luxury real estate during his career. Leveraging his Wall Street background – and connections, Kevin frequently sells in the ultra high-end range. In fact, he’s brokered a large multitude of blockbuster $5MM – $38MM sales in multiple markets – including NYC, Greenwich and the Hamptons. Kevin wields incredible influence in the luxury real estate arena as a master advisor, skilled marketer, exceptional dealmaker and formidable connector on a global scale. He credits his situational leadership ability as the key differentiator in closing deals.

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My coaching story

Kevin offers group coaching as well as “one-on-one” coaching.

Group Coaching:
Learn how to optimize the compelling nationwide referral network opportunity within Compass.  Whether you’d like to join an existing network or create your own network, Kevin will advise you on key ways to leverage networks to transform your overall business.  Learn how to strategically build relationships in order to create a lucrative & lasting referral pipeline. In 2023, 50% of Kevin’s sales production was driven by Compass agent referrals – and this was not an accident.

“One-on-One” Coaching:
In the world of luxury real estate, virtually every situation presents a challenge.  With each client, there’s a situational path from first engagement to deal closure. It’s the agents that most effectively navigate this situational path who achieve the highest levels of success.  It’s the difference between closing business and losing business.  It’s the reason why such a small percentage of agents truly excel.  Learn how to become a situational leader; one who makes the right decisions, who knows just what to say to a client or another agent in a moment of conflict – who knows how to navigate any situation toward a successful outcome.  Become a trusted advisor; an indispensable guide who clients follow and who colleagues admire. Kevin’s “secret sauce” is the guidance he provides to his clients & colleagues,      so let him guide you along your situational path to a higher level of success; which includes successfully negotiating Buyer Rep agreements.


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My coaching story