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My coaching story

Coach Ken International

On a very human level, few business owners have prepared themselves for the huge change that exiting a business has on their life. In this bottom-line presentation

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My coaching story

Get Expert Guidance On Exiting Your Business

Ken delivers key insights about:

  1. Your best exit strategy is to create a profitable and sustainable business.
  2. The organizational, personal, family and financial aspects of succession planning and exit strategies.
  3. The importance of building a ‘talent pipeline’ in your business.
  4. How to develop a ‘Wise Investor’ mentality in your business.
  5. Determining your exit priorities and timing.
  6. How saleable is your business…and what is it really worth? The 11 things buyers will pay for.
  7. Calculating the amount of money you need to retire ‘comfortably’. It’s more than you think.
  8. Five key questions to ask before selling to family members, partners or employees?
  9. Warning! Beware of ‘2-step’ payouts from 3rd party buyers.
  10. What will your legacy be? Creating both ‘success’ and ‘significance’.
  11. The importance of getting top-quality financial, estate planning and legal advice. ‘Succession & Exit’ is tricky stuff. Don’t go it alone.

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My coaching story