Management & Performance Coaching for Real Estate CEO’s & Teams, with Coach Ken International

$3,000 / month

Successful agents in the top percentile are workaholics. If you fall into this category, you are living for your team, whether you have two employees or 22 employees, and you are probably working 80+ hours per week to thrive and maintain your excellent level of success. One of the features of being an entrepreneur that appeals to many is the fact that the harder you work, the greater the reward. But once you reach a certain point in your journey, you need to start working smarter, not harder.

Has Your Business Reached a Plateau?

Many business owners will experience it at some point, that plateau where you don’t necessarily feel challenged. Your business is operating successfully, but you aren’t seeing growth, and you are not sure what you can do to jump-start things and move to the next level of greatness. By no means are you floundering, but you are looking for tools and guidance to get elevated.

Mastery Team Coaching is a unique program designed to help high-caliber real estate teams and CEOs get even better. With this program, you’ll learn how to motivate a team, implement effective compensation structures, recruit and hire great people, create an exciting marketing strategy, and more. This program improves the bottom line of high-performing agents and teams, so they can ascend to the next level of business and break through the plateau.

Pricing: $3,000 per month