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Real Momentum

Real Momentum is founded on the principle that in order to have a successful real estate business, we want to take intentional, aligned action, not just do busy work. This changing market is an amazing time to build a business with a solid foundation. We incorporate our background in human behavior and use simple techniques to empower agents to build a well-rounded business that works FOR them.

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My coaching story

We train you on real estate fundamentals such as:

Converting leads with simple conversations Building rapport Engaging potential clients with confidence and ease How to take your business to the next level And of course, your mindset.

Everyone has different goals. We help you discover what you want to achieve and then help you get it!

Real Momentum Coaches:

Ophir Adar | Founder and CEO – Prior to founding Real Momentum, Ophir managed top agents at the Compass Beverly Hills and Hollywood offices. He combines decades of experience in real estate as a top agent, sales manager, and coach. His focus is on empowering agents to be the best version of themselves and creating clients for life.


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My coaching story