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My coaching story

Gregg Sugerman

I help agents and team leaders better manage their time, teams, & mindset, so they’re more productive and more profitable.

This is a highly personalized 1:1 experience and I believe in coaching the person, not just the agent.

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My coaching story

You won’t be run through a cookie-cutter coaching program.

You have unique goals and dreams and your business probably looks different than everyone else’s. And so together we’ll formulate simple yet powerful strategies that are completely unique to you and your business.

There’s a strong emphasis on:

  • Time Management 
  • Systems & Structure 
  • Accountability
  • Mindset/Success Mentality
  • Goal Setting/Strategic Planning 

I’ll help you implement and master high-leverage success habits, which leads to a higher level of execution without relying on your willpower or discipline. You’ll become more consistent and proactive in all areas of your business, from following up with your sphere, to finally mastering your CRM, increasing your marketing presence, and more. 

I also teach tools and strategies to help you overcome overwhelm, procrastination and distraction.


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My coaching story