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Lance Pendleton

Known for his ability to motivate, inform, and connect through straightforward advice, humor, and storytelling, Lance is a sought-after motivational speaker and business coach with over two decades of experience in educating sales professionals.

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My coaching story

As a featured TEDx speaker, Lance shared his insight and expertise on the psychology of human behavior and how it can impact sales and business success. His engaging keynotes and training sessions have left a lasting impact on thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide, reigniting their sense of purpose and passion in their professional and personal lives. During his time as the National Head of Agent Development for Compass, his transformative leadership helped over 30,000 real estate agents grow their business, humanize relationships and anticipate a client’s needs. In 2021, Lance co-founded GoodSphere, an innovative Real Estate Coaching company dedicated to equipping agents with the essential habits and tactics necessary for business growth while offering a supportive environment to help them navigate and overcome overwhelming challenges.


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My coaching story