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My coaching story

The Real Estate Referral

Hi, I’m Mark Neuterman, Founder & CEO of The Real Estate Referral! You have probably heard my name at some point at Compass, given the various positions I’ve held (more on all of that below)! That is what makes working with Compass agents so fulfilling – I understand you completely because I have been in your shoes and in the shoes of those around you! Everything I do is based on what has worked for me, my agents, and my clients over the last 20+ years. I believe integrity, service, and results are everything! Oh, and always be kind! 🙂

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My coaching story

For over two decades, Mark has excelled in the real estate industry at the highest level, including luxury sales, management, leadership, and coaching. He has a total transaction volume of $4.5B+ sold, managed, and coached, with experience ranging from aiding first-time homebuyers to a $150 million listing.


At Compass, Mark’s diverse background sets him apart. He is proudly the only third-party Compass Coach with the varied experience of having been both a top Compass luxury agent and sales manager. On top of that, Mark served as the Director of Management Strategy for Compass CA & HI.


Mark is known for undeniable results. He impressively broke into a new market without existing contacts and achieved $23M in sales within just one year. He skyrocketed a new Compass office from $300M to $2B in annual sales volume, becoming the #1 Compass office in the U.S. He has mentored some of the country’s leading agents, teams, and sales managers, remaining on a lengthy waitlist for his knowledge and expertise. Mark is also a serial entrepreneur with a number of different companies and ventures.


In 2024, Mark passionately founded The Real Estate Referral with a singular purpose: make it easier and faster to bring together the industry’s most ethical, most trusted, & most professional experts while creating intentional, strategic referral partnerships. The result is an unforgettable client experience.


As a third-party Compass Coach, Mark is sharing resources from his company with all of Compass, creating a completely free network that will allow Compass agents to connect like never before!


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My coaching story