Annual Business Review: For Team Leaders

$4,000 / month for 3 months

Get a strategic evaluation of the health of your team, and a playbook for how to improve productivity, retention, recruiting, revenue and more. 

Why do an annual business review? 

  • You need help measuring your key business metrics. 
  • You want to compare your financial business metrics to industry standards.
  • You want a one-on-one, customized consult with a brokerage finance expert who can point out where you need to cut or boost spending. 
  • You want a third-party expert to evaluate your technology and marketing stack for missing or underperforming solutions. 
  • You aren’t sure what role(s) you need to hire next. 
  • You want to evaluate your readiness to recruit, and your agent recruiting performance.
  • You want to evaluate the efficacy of your lead generation programs. 
  • You want the framework to repeat this structured process every year. 

Our consultants will do a deep dive into key areas of your business including financials, agent sales productivity, recruiting performance, organizational chart, lead conversion and ROI, and a marketing review and evaluation of your technology systems along with a technology scorecard. You will receive benchmarks and best practices from our deep bench of intelligence and key recommendations to improve your organization and ultimately increase your profitability. Following the annual business review, you will receive 90-day follow-up consultation. 


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