End-to-End: The Compass Selling System

As an individual agent, many of the struggles you run into involve trying to juggle everything by yourself without a bunch of people around you. While Compass built the best technology tools that exist in our industry, it’s hard to quickly figure out how to use them altogether without wasting time. This is the pain point we are solving this year – how to grow your business as an individual agent and use the Compass tools to help you.

Introducing End-to-End: The Compass Selling System – a game-changing solution to simplifying the way you do business.

By combining the power of Compass Technology with a pre-built roadmap of ready-made scripts and templates, The Compass Selling System empowers individual agents to learn how to truly run any transaction from start to finish. This program replaces the need to learn every different tool across multiple coaching programs, trainings and conversations – everything is in one place.

Here’s how End-to-End: The Compass Selling System training program will benefit you:

  • Live Compass Tools Trainings: Six live weekly sessions with Q&A, we can train you on how to use all the Compass tools together.
  • Seller Roadmap: The Compass Selling System offers an effective, step-by-step guide for working with any seller – which tools to use, what to say and what to send, from first contact to close – ensuring a great experience for every client. This will be as if you had multiple people who work for you doing it!
  • Ready-to-Use Tools & Templates: Pre-written scripts and templates showing you how to use each tool in a complete system, not just one-off trainings here and there. 
  • Generate Compass Referrals: Build your nationwide referral network with the hundreds of Compass agents in our End-to-End community. 67% of the agents in our community have done a referral transaction with each other!

This program is not for everyone. It’s ideal for individual agents looking to:

  • Streamline systems so you can do more without needing to hire people.
  • Follow a repeatable and predictable system for working with sellers.
  • Remove all of the stress that comes with not knowing how to best utilize the Compass tools.
  • Unlock more time to focus on the work that matters most – closing deals, growing your business, and spending time with clients.

We are structuring this in a unique way where we are only allotting 500 slots for Legacy Founding Members of The Compass Selling System. Those 500 people will receive:

  • 6 months of free, bonus access to End-to-End at the conclusion of your initial six-month subscription – buy 6 months, get 6 months free.
  • 2 Exclusive Webinars for Individual Agents:
  • Maximizing Your CRM to Create a Predictable Income
  • Defending Your Commission
  • 6 Live Role-Playing Calls with Other Compass Agents, Led by Chirag
  • 2 Bonus 90-Minute Business Planning Calls with Chirag
  • All-Access Platform Pass (click here for details) – access to every program, session, and event on our coaching platform, including The Playbook, plus 700+ Training Videos, 300+ Scripts and Deliverables ready for you to use and more

The Details

  • Six-month minimum commitment – we want those who are committed to growth
  • Live coaching & training sessions (on-demand sessions for those who can’t make it live)
  • Extensive library of resources, guides, and templates, for your entire business, available 24/7
  • Ability to upgrade to a team account at no additional cost at anytime
  • Special Pre-Sale Price: $5,000
    • Note: Pay $5,000 now – Six month minimum commitment; auto-renews after 12 months at initial membership rate, good for length of continuous membership, each year upon renewal receive new annual founding member benefits
  • Start Date: August 2023 (Specific date TBA)