$1,000, for 1 month

You’ve probably heard it before, the best CRM is the one that you use. And based on the thousands of Agents we have worked with here at Performance Coaching, we know this to be true.

So often, we find that many Agents are not set up for success in their CRM and not using it in the most effective and efficient way possible. If you are not using your CRM properly, how much potential business are you missing out on day after day?

We believe that your job every day should be simple: to cultivate relationships.

With the CRM Audit and 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions, you have an opportunity to ensure that you are set up properly in your CRM and to be coached on best practices by a CRM Expert and Coach.


  • 1 personalized CRM Audit + Opportunity Report
    • This detailed report will provide you with the overall health of your database, opportunities and gaps that exist, and step-by-step instructions on how to get set up for success.
  • 4 thirty-minute Strategy Sessions with CRM Expert and Coach, Caroline Wilkins. where we will cover things like:
    • Is your CRM set up for your specific business needs and goals
    • Who should and should not be in your CRM (Archiving is your new best friend)
    • How often to stay in touch and ideas on what to say
    • Likely to Sell strategy
    • The Tags you should have (and the ones you should delete)
    • Email best practices with bulk email and action plans (Caroline will share some of her favorite emails)
    • The 3-4 things you should be doing in your CRM every day

Questions?: Call or email Caroline at caroline@performancecoaching.com or 803-524-1850