$25,000, for 1-year program

The Million Dollar Mastermind is a highly curated coaching group made up of top agents at Compass. Our goal is to find the most collaborative and sophisticated agents to accelerate business growth for the whole group. From five-star off-site retreats to unlimited access to all of our Chirag Shah Coaching programs and resources, this elite group is our most beneficial yet.


  • 1x monthly exclusive training sessions/facilitated group discussion with CSC Founder Chirag Shah and Chief Learning Officer David Severance.

  • 1x monthly peer group calls with agents who are at or above your GCI

  • Break-out virtual groups dedicated to discussing the issues that are most pertinent to your specific business and implementing what you are learning in the program

  • 2x per year retreats

    • One held in an exclusive, five-star venue

    • One held at the Chirag Shah Coaching headquarters

  • Private vault of systems, processes, and lead generation tactics created by the top agents at Compass

  • Individualized intake to learn the strengths and gaps in your business to have a curated experience over the course of the year.

  • Plus, access to all of our coaching programs and resources for you, your staff and team members.

Did We Mention the Two Luxury Business Retreats?

Recession-Proof Planning Retreat

An intense retreat with Chirag Shah and David Severance will deep-dive into your specific business to unearth exactly what you need to do to bring your business in line with your goals. 

Super Systems Retreat with All Mastermind Members 

Join 200 Top Compass agents for an in-depth and practical working session with Chirag Shah to revamp and optimize every aspect of your specific business to leverage all of the best ideas and techniques in the vault.

Built for the Most Exceptional Agents at Compass


  • Have a GCI of $1M or more and have team members and staff.
  • Will grow and scale their business to double or triple their GCI in the next 12-24 months.
  • Want to invest their time with the smartest agents in the business to learn what’s working right now for the best agents and teams and want to share what’s working in their own businesses.
  • Value structured, curated discussions about critical topics as much as personal interaction with other Mastermind members, Chirag Shah, and his team of expert mentors.
  • Collaborative and open to sharing what is working for them now with their group
  • Willing to sign an NDA to ensure exclusivity of the group


  • $25,000 annually
  • Yes! You can use 10×10 or marketing budget dollars.

Additional Information


For any questions about the program please email us at mastermind@chiragshahcoaching.com