The Ultimate Team Playbook – The transformation from ME to WE in Real Estate.


For Playbook

At some point in your real estate career, you come to the realization that
you cannot do everything. This is when the idea of a team starts to form.
However, most agents who begin building teams end up working harder, making
less, and having a lot more stress in their business. The exact opposite of
why they constructed a team in the first place. Why is this? Up until now,
there has never been an exact blueprint for you to model in developing a
successful real estate team.

The Ultimate Team Playbook includes:

– *Section 1: 6- Part Team Building Crash Course*

– These videos cover every aspect of a team from A to Z.
– Video 1 – Why build a team? What is a team?
– Video 2– Team Structure. Team Phases of Growth
– Video 3 – Rainmaker to CEO
– Video 4– Fire Drill to Process Driven
– Video 5 – Building a Culture of Team Productivity
– Video 6 – Wrap Up

– *Section 2: The Team Building Video Library*

– Additional Video Library including over 26 one-hour conversations
with Steve Shull and Dana Green on team building

– *Section 3: The Library of Forms and Checklists*

– The actual Forms and Checklists Dana uses in her business.
– 8 one-hour recorded zoom calls with Steve and Dana on Process and

Your course instructors are Steve Shull, Dana Green, and Jonathan Lack.

Steve coaches many of the top teams in the country. Dana leads one of the
most successful teams in the country. Jonathan runs operations for two of
the most productive teams in the country. These three unique perspectives
will allow you to see and evaluate your team from every angle possible.

This is The Ultimate Team Playbook – your exact blueprint for team success!