Steve’s job as a real estate coach is to position you to succeed at the highest level possible and keep you moving forward at all times. This does not happen by accident. It only happens on purpose.

Given what you are wanting to accomplish, the market you are in, the skills you possess, and the resources available to you, Steve will put all these pieces together to form the best and most appropriate strategy for you.

There is no “one size fits all” formula. Every situation is different and every coaching relationship is unique.

Each week the focus is very simple… do what is most important and stop doing the things that hold you back.

If you need a coach with a strong, steady, and experienced hand, that is what you can expect from Steve.

Coaching Topics include:

  • Mindset
  • Time Blocking
  • CRM
  • Process Management
  • Emotional Intelligence/ Tactical Empathy
  • Numbers Tracking
  • Growth Strategies
  • Commission
  • Team Building
  • Exit Strategies


  • 30-minute Zoom call, each week
  • All calls will be recorded
  • Participants will have access to Steve’s online portal, Performance Coaching Academy

Questions?: If you are not a current coaching client with Steve, please reach out to caroline@performancecoaching.com for more information before purchasing

Pricing: $14,000 for full year