With this program, you get access to two daily Zoom calls. 

The morning and evening group calls bookend your day in the best way possible.

Real estate is a business that rewards Consistency more than anything else.

Participating in these two calls each day will absolutely promote a more consistent effort in your life and business. 

The Business Building Call

  • 8:00 AM PST Monday through Friday
  • 30 Minutes each session
  • Via Zoom
  • Group Size – 150+
  • The morning Zoom group call will ground you in the six primary building blocks.
    • The Mindset of Surrender
    • Time Blocking
    • CRM
    • Process Management
    • Emotional Intelligence/ Tactical Empathy
    • Numbers Tracking

The Live Role Play Call  

  • 5:30 PM PST Monday through Thursday
  • 30 Minutes each session
  • Via Zoom
  • Group Size – 150+
  • This call is devoted strictly to role-playing. We cover every aspect of your real estate business. We take an in-depth look at the various real-life situations and scenarios you are presented with within the normal course of business.
  • We methodically work through each challenge using an emotionally intelligent and empathetic approach to achieve the best outcome possible.
  • Each night you will have a chance to get on the “HotSeat” and test your skills in a low-stakes environment. This is the only way you can stay sharp and master your professional skills.

Questions?: Call or email Caroline at caroline@performancecoaching.com or 803-524-1850

Pricing: $4,000/ Full Year